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Chad Marlowe grew up in Idaho and currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming and Boise, Idaho.  Following graduation from high school, he furthered his education by attending the University of Utah and received a bachelor's degree in political science.  While attending the University of Utah, he had the opportunity to intern for the White House in Washington D.C. Following graduation, he returned to Washington D.C. to work for Senator Mary Landrieu.  From and following these experiences in Washington D.C., Chad Marlowe decided to return to his home state of Idaho to further his education and training by attending the University of Idaho and obtained his law degree.  Though originally intending to return to Washington D.C. following graduation, he realized the great opportunity to practice law in Wyoming and Idaho and be able to serve in the capacity as legal counsel for the great people from these states and those who visit the area.  Chad Marlowe established this practice in 2005 and has been primarily focusing on representing Clients who have been criminally charged or injured in an accident.  

Chad Marlowe is or has been a member of the following organizations to help facilitate his training and resources to ensure intelligent, competent and vigorous representation of the Clients he has the opportunity to represent:
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
    • Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association
    • Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Idaho Trial Lawyers Association
    • Teton County Bar Association
Chad Marlowe is a committed attorney who works on behalf of those who have been criminally charged or those who have been injured in an accident.